Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 9

The person who has gotten you through the most.

I would have to say The PEOPLE that have gotten me through the most...

My siblings :)

We are all SO DIFFERENT! i think for that reason alone, they all have helped me in certain ways. And we had such a fun childhood :)

My sister Stephanie definately played the 'big sister' role. I always wanted to hang out in her room especially when her friends were over lol i definately was the annoying little sister. Theres exactly 3 1/2 years between us (exactly to the day lol). She would teach me and my friends dances that we would perform in front of the family haha I've always looked up to her and taken her advice on things.

My older sister, Alicia, is almost exactly 2 years older than me. With that age difference, she was always my older sister but growing up, we were also really good friends. Most of my childhood memories include her. We were VERY creative and had HUGE imagnations haha And now, she's the one i go to with problems and she always helps me out when i REALLY need it. When i got pregnant, she was the one i went to to get advice and she was the one that helped me when i had super bad morning sickness. AND Lydia is super obsessed with her :) lol

My little (well younger) brother, Ronnie, used to be my little sidekick when we were young. Most of our family videos show the 2 of us hanging out haha There's about 4 1/2 years between us. He has grown into such an awesome example for me. I love that he never would say 'IF i go on my mission' it has ALWAYS been 'when i go'. He's an awesome brother and i cant wait for him to come home THIS YEAR :D (its so weird its coming up! lol)

My little sister, Hillary (Chewy), is the clown of the family :) There's about 7 years between us. Growning up, she was always the annoying little sister but we have grown into really good friends :) We hang out a lot now and are constantly laughing. We have so many inside jokes. She is one of the funniest people i know.

I love that we are all so close and live close by eachother :)

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