Thursday, April 29, 2010

Enjoying The Little Things :)

It's been a crazy month. This girl has been keeping us pretty busy :) But we are enjoying our family time. In just a month, we have learned her little quirks and the little things that make her tick :)

She loves this little sea hoarse that her grandma Bremer got her. It plays lullabys and the belly lights up She has to hold on to it when she naps :)

She dosen't like baths yet but if we take her in the shower, she loooves it lol This is her right after a bath. She wasnt very happy.

She LOVES her dad :) He has a way of calming her down like i cant. She wears us out but we enjoy the calm times with her :)

She is so sweet and we just love her to pieces :) Its fun to see her grow.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Glamour Shots

We went to aunt Lindsay's house and she worked her photo magic :) Lydia did such a good job. She was such the little model and just laid quietly and had fun getting dressed up. Thanks again, Lindsay Loo! We loooove the pictures! (but not as nuch as we love u!) :)

She is such a daddy's girl :) Nobody can calm her down like her dad. And he enojoys catering to her every whim lol

We had TONS more pics than this but we didnt want 2 picture overload lol

Monday, April 19, 2010

Watching The Weight...

That's right! Time for Weight Watchers! Time for me to buckle down and lose this baby weight (and hopefully a lot more)! The whole time i was pregnant, i would say, "once this baby's out, i will get my butt into shape!". Surprisingly, im really pumped to do it. Today was my first day and its almost over and i didnt have a problem at all :) i think im just so ready to feel like myself again and just feel great. i'm doing Weight Watchers cause i KNOW it works. i did it when i was 17 or 18 and got down to my goal and i just remember feeling amazing. i want that feeling back (cause i haven't felt that in a long time lol). Its kinda embarrassing to admit but i gained almost 50lbs with this pregnancy. When i got home from the hospital, i lost 20 of it and everyday it keeps going down :) thank goodness lol But i definately want to get down to my goal weight again. My best friend, Lindsay, just posted a blog about wanting to lose her baby weight and get into shape and i thought that it was a good idea to just get the idea out there and why not blog about my progress with this diet :) and also, i would have it on my consience if i do bad and have to blog about how im slacking lol
So, there it is world. I'm buckling down :) Cross ur fingers for me!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Born April 6,2010
7lbs 10oz
19 3/4 long
As perfect as can be :)

So, Monday, I had a drs appointment just to see if i was dilated anymore and just to check up to see how my pregnancy was going. My sister Alicia came with me. While i was in there, my dr was checking me and all of the water broke! Right away, the contractions started. So, Alicia called Max to meet us at the hospital (he was so nervous on the phone lol it was cute). We got there around 2 or 2:30pm. We had family in and out the whole day just waiting for her to arrive :) I wasnt much fun to talk to in the hospital cause i was having REALLY strong contractions. I wanted to wait to get an epidural cause i didnt want it to slow down my labor. But after a few hours (and much persuading from my family) i got an epidural. It was amazing lol Here are a few pics of people visiting us and awaiting Lydia...(sorry for the picture overload in this post haha)

My dad and Chewy trying to make the most out of the situation haha and My mom (apparently sharing in my pain)

Max definately didn't like seeing me in pain but he was an awesome coach for me :) It would have been much harder if he wasn't by my side the whole time.

And after 2 HOURS of pushing and my epidural wearing off (ouch!) she was finally here!

She looves to cuddle and we are definately loving that :)

We just absolutely love this little girl and are enjoying every minute with her :)