Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We Love Janet!

My good friend Janet came out to Arizona for my birthday this past weekend :) We had so much fun! Janet and i have been friends since we were 2. She lived right across the street from me. No matter how much we have changed or how far away we live from eachother, we always seem to get together at least twice a year and things are just as they've always been :) Max loves hanging out with Janet too. They laugh a lot and joke around whenever they get together. I KNEW Lydia would love Janet too lol Right when Lydia saw Janet, she just stared at her and talked to her. She loves her and it was so sad when Janet's time was up and we had to take her back to the airport :/ It went by way 2 fast but we were so glad that she took the time to come out here and see her little niece hehe

We took some pics of her and Lydia together so we can put one up in Lydia's room. We had a lot of fun taking pictures :)

Lydia just got her first 2 teeth in less than a weeks time! She's always holding her mouth weird and putting everything she can in her mouth to chew on.
Janet got chewed on a bit too haha

thanks for coming, Janet! We miss you already!