Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Update on Things

Well, things are just moving along here. So much that i forget to keep my blog updated lol This pregnancy is going by SO fast and i don't wanna look back and see that i didn't write anything about it. As most of you already know, we are having another girl :) We are so excited! We wanted another girl for and now its all falling into place :) Our girls can be close friends. Me and my sister, Alicia, were 2 years apart and when we were younger, we did EVERYTHING together. Max and his brother, Niels, are 2 years apart and they had the same bond. So we are happy our girls will have that :) And we have TONS of girl clothes (some that Lydia never even wore cause she grew out of it before i even got to it lol). We are also SO happy its a girl cause we couldn't decide, to save our lives, on a boy name. Before we were even married, we had our first 2 girls names picked out. Lydia was my choice cause I've loved that name for so long. Max picked this girls name cause he's always loved it. Her name will be Gabriella Jane Rieck (but we will call her Brie). The middle name Jane is after 2 people that i care about A LOT, my friend Janet Peterson and my cousin Kimber (whose middle name is Janelle).
So far, this pregnancy has been pretty tough :/ I got sick at 4 weeks and i JUST started to feel better about a weeks or so ago. Every once and awhile, i get nauseous but at least its not like it was a few weeks ago. I've also been having a lot of what i thought was braxton hicks contractions. When i went into the Dr's last week, i told her that i have been having some very intense braxton hicks. She said thats no problem if its only twice a day. i told her its twice every half hour! She looked a Little freaked out so she checked me. She said that i wasn't dilated at all (thank goodness!) but my cervix had thinned a bit. She said that the contractions were the real deal. i just need to take it easy from here on out. With Lydia, i started having real contractions about 2 months before she came. So they said it could just get to be earlier with every pregnancy :( But we aren't 2 worried. Just being cautious now lol
Lydia keeps me pretty busy lately. which is good so I'm not counting the minutes until this pregnancy is over haha Shes just getting so big so fast. When we moved into our new house, we just put the crib in the baby's nursery and got Lydia a toddler bed. It was hard the first couple nights but now shes a pro. Its to the point where shes saying 'bye bye' to us before we are even done saying goodnight to her lol She just thinks shes so big in her big girl bed :) She's a little chatter box and is always on the go. Now that its cooler her, we take walks and go play at the park. She loooves it. She gets really upset when the walks are over now lol
Sorry for the huge post lol just had a lot to get off my chest hehe I'll try to update more often :) and i will upload some ultrasound pics as soon as i can. Still getting last minute things sorted in our house :)