Saturday, January 26, 2013

Crazy Busy

I've been having so much fun with my kiddos this holiday season i forgot to blog during it all :) Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas were so much fun with 2 kids! It was especially fun seeing the excitement in Lydia's face hehe She enjoyed each one of the holidays and let EVERYONE know. For Halloween, Lydia was Lydia Bug and Brie was Bumble Brie :) it was super cute and we had so much fun trick or treating with my mom and especially Cody, Ali, and Addie Willis.
For Thanksgiving, we went to the Griffin's house and had a lot of family there. They have a huge backyard with everything a little kid could want to play with. Lydia was out there pretty much all day and i had to beg her to come back inside later that night. We also we went Max's parents house and ate some really yummy food and had fun with the fam :) Christmas was a blast! And the days leading up to Christmas were a blast! The girls loved seeing the lights up everywhere and they loved decorating the house. They woke up in the morning around 7 and they tore open their gifts so fast. Max and I were talking about how its crazy how we used to be so excited for Christmas and couldn't wait to see what we got. And now, we were so excited to see the girls reactions to what they got :) I really want this years resolution (besides losing weight obviously) to be to take more pics and video of my family. i don't want them to have to try to rely on their memories to picture how their childhood was. i want to be able to SHOW them along with telling them. I REALLY slacked this past year. i have some random pics from the past few months I'll attach to this post lol But i missed major picture times especially for thanksgiving and Christmas :/ Brie's birthday is a week from Tuesday so i will try my best :)
I think my girls are just so beautiful!
My little drama queen :) Brie has been able to do the pouty lip since she was a newborn! How can i say no to that face? I'm in trouble when she's older haha
Lydia is a big help with her little sister
When it cooled off a bit more, we got to go outside more. Lydia's aunt chewy would take her to the park all the time!
Brie has been loving real food! She would eat all day if she could
There was one day, after nap time, i went into Lydia's room to wake her up and i couldn't find her anywhere! after awhile of me yelling for her and looking around the house, i found her in a clothes box in here room completely passed out! She started waking up by the time i got my camera but it was so funny :) She wasn't amused and i was told to leave her room "right now!"
So Lydia always walks to the mailbox with me during the day to get the mail. i would always give her the junk mail and she would get so excited saying "its MINE?!" SO this past year, she would send mail back and forth to her grandma Rieck. Her face lights up when she gets a card from grandma!