Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feelin' Good :)

Whelp, i finished all 3 cycles of the 17 day diet and so in 51 days I've lost 22lbs! i cant believe it! i feel so much better! I'm a dress size smaller, I'm not feeling swollen, i only have 4 more lbs of baby weight to lose, and i just feel all around healthier :) Max and i were busy on Valentines Day so we went out last night instead. i gave myself a free day to eat whatever i wanted yesterday and surprisingly, i didn't eat 2 much. my body actually feels ill when i eat a little 2 much or have even a small amount of sugar! its insane but i definitely appreciate the reaction my body has (good or bad) to the things i eat. the diet has actually changed my whole way of eating. i don't eat beef or pork anymore which i thought it would be hard to NOT eat it cause i usually love it but, my body just cant take stuff like that anymore. i know i cant do this exact diet when I'm going through my next pregnancy but, i know that ill definitely eat better for it :)
But ya, Valentines was awesome :) i love that my husband can be so many amazing things rolled into one perfect guy for me. he's romantic, smart, AWESOME daddy, very handsome, my best friend, shoulder to cry on, he makes me laugh til I'm crying ha ha, and SO much more. And it's OK that Lydia likes him more than me lol i would too :)
After today, I'm jumping right back onto the diet starting with cycle 1 again. i actually cant wait just cause i KNOW it works and i know i can do it now. if i can just get down to my wedding weight, i will be a happy girl hehe I'll keep you posted :)

I love you, Max-o!