Thursday, March 18, 2010

3 1/2 weeks (or less) to go!

Thats right! We are getting SO excited! My Dr said that it can be any day now! I went to the Drs on Monday and she checked me and im already dilated 2cm (sorry if that's TMI). She said that its all downhill from here :) And it couldn't come sooner haha I've gained so much weight and have so many aches all over my body. Dont get me wrong, its been amazing having her grow in my belly. Its been amazing to feel and see her move. Its something that i will always remember and cherish. But, i just really want her to be here and hold her and just love her :) I also cant wait for Max to hold her and bond with her (besides the talking to my belly he does lol) Today, Lindsay and i made some balsalmic vinegarette pasta cause it helps kick start things lol My dad is also making spicy stuff for dinners. I have had a lot of contractions but they haven't been consistent and they end up just being braxton hicks :/ But i know she will come when she's ready :) I will keep everyone updated...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fingers Crossed...

So, i had a Dr's appointment on Monday. I told her that lately, I've been feeling HUGE and that my body is taking things pretty hard just in the past few days. She told me that it looks like the baby had a major growth spurt over the weekend. She could've gained about 2 pounds just in the past few days! Ha Ha It would make sense to me if that were case :) She was also telling me that by now, she should been in position to come out but, right now, she's sideways :/ If she doesn't turn in the next week or so, they want to start coming up with other options of doing things (like C-section). I wouldn't mind having a C-section cause i have a lot of family and friends support to help me through the recovery :)We just need to see what our little girl decides to do...(We only have 6 weeks left!)

I got an email from my brother the other day and he's having a REALLY hard time. He would never come home early but he knows that the temptation is always there :( It makes me so sad that he has to be going through all this. He has always been SO excited all his life to go on a mission. And now, to hear about all he has to deal with, it just makes me so sad that i cant help my little brother in some way. I just want to go down there and spend some time with him :( So, if everyone can just keep him in your prayers and maybe even email him to let him know that you are thinking of him, i KNOW that he would love it :) His email is