Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year :)

So, Max and i were able to take our neice, Leah, and our nephews, Ethan and Maverick, out for the day. We all had SO much fun :)

We went to Carl's Jr and got TONS of fries for all of us to eat :) (they all thought it was amazing lol)

After eating as many fries as we could, we went and played on the HUGE indoor playground they had!
After that, we went to Target to do some Christmas shopping. Leah had to try on almost every necklace lol She kept saying, "Im pretty. Right Heidi?" haha
After the long day, Maverick fell asleep in his stroller :) Who woulda thought that boy can get worn out?
Big News! Ron got his eagle! We are all so proud of him! All his hard work at this and now, he can rest easy :) The court of honor went really well. It was combined with Tyler Loomis. The boys (or men i should say) looked great in their outfits :)

Well, thats about all the news for now. I hope everyone is having an awesome holiday season! Merry Christmas!!!!