Monday, June 20, 2011

The Fathers in my life...

I would not be the person i am without certain guys in my life.

My Grandpa Fackrell He's an amazing guy. He raised 11 kids with my Grandma. We would always go to his room for 'Papa Candy' :) His patriarchal blessing said that he would baptize MANY. He was confused cause on his mission he baptized hardly any (if none) BUT, he obviously baptized his kids and countless grandkids :) He is pretty much amazing...

Grandpa Bremer
- He truly knew how to spoil us lol When i was younger, i stayed with him for a week or so in Utah and we had so much fun. He's always teaching us little tricks and always has the nicest things to say :)

My Dad My friends were always afraid of him haha But once they got to know him, they realized he's just a big goof lol My guy friends in high school would come over and play video games with him lol
He cares about his family SO much and Lydia looooves her 'Gam-Pa' hehe Max and i took Lydia out to dinner the other night and she saw the back of a bald guy's head and just started yelling 'Gam-Pa!' She was getting so upset that her grandpa wasnt paying attention to her haha

My Father-in-law He is just simply great :) He made me feel welcome into the family right away. The way he is with Lydia is just 2 funny. He will be the first one playing with her on the floor and goofing around with her :) He will even chase her around the house until you can tell he's just exhausted. She adores him :)

And of coarse, there's my husband, Max :) When we were dating, i saw how good he was with his nieces and nephews and he was SO great with mine. When i was pregnant, i had no doubt that he would be a great dad. But, i had no idea how GREAT. From the moment they cleaned her off at the hospital, he held her, talked to her, calmed her down, and just soothed her to the point where she wouldnt eat for me without him CONSTANTLY talked to her. And ever since then, she was head over heels for her daddy :) (i didnt stand a chance lol)

He has totally exceeded my expectations with the daddy role. She loves her daddy more than anyone else in the world. The proof is in the way she looks at him :)

Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3 Years!

It seems like much longer than 3 years lol

Max and i just got back yesterday from staying over the weekend at the resort that we stayed at for our Honeymoon :) It was so nice and super relaxing. Just what we needed. It went by 2 fast! haha We actually turned into THOSE parents...the ones that talk about their kid a lot when they are on vacation haha We would even be walking around a store and say, "Lydia would Looove that" haha And it seemed like, when we were driving home, we couldnt get there fast enough to see her lol Max was driving and when we would hit a light or someone would drive slow in front of us, he would say, "Come on! I just wanna see my girl! haha I love how much he loves our little girl :)