Monday, February 15, 2010

Growing Bigger and Bigger (the baby AND me lol)

Before i get to baby stuff i have to talk about how much fun Rob and Steph's valentines party went. They had the theme 'when i was in high school' and u had to come in what you wore in high school. Some people got super creative haha everyone voted for certain awards like 'best dressed' 'best smile' 'cutest couple' and stuff like that. and we also had a white elephant gift exchange which was a lot of fun :) Thanks Rob and Steph! We had a blast!

Well today Max and i had another ultrasound cause the last one, they couldnt get good views of her kidneys. Evereything turned out fine and she is perfectly healthy :) They said that she's pretty short lol. She has pretty big feet (just like her mommy hehe). The last ultrasound that we had, she was still pretty skinny but, shes really chunked out! We always talk about how we want a chuncky baby and we, for sure, have one on our hands. She now weighs about 4 pounds (slightly underweight) but she is still super chubby :) We also went to Max's parents house tonight and we saw some old pictures of Max when he was a tiny baby and she looks SO much like him! its insane! and im totally ok with that cause he was a little cutie.

We are so ready to have her here! Im just waiting to pop lol I feel huge (and probably look it too). I just cant wait to hold her and just to be able to look at her :) We are getting more and more anxious everyday!