Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 22

something you wish you were good at.

Playing the piano

I have really long fingers and i constantly have people asking me if i play the piano. i wish! That would've been an amazing and useful talent lol


Josh and Tiff said...

I just want to say I've been following your daily posts and I love them! You're so beautiful too. And I'm sure you're way talented in other areas, even if you can't play the piano. and you could still learn to play if you wanted. Also, I'm so excited you guys are going to buy a house! FUN!!

Heidi and Max said...

aw thanks so much Tiff :) i read ur blog all the time too lol i cant believe how big ur boy is getting! Steph was telling me how cute he is :) I heard Jason's family might move out here! You'll have to come visit out here so i can meet Dane (and hopefully i'll have a house u can see haha)

p.s. u were the cutest preggo woman lol all the pics u would post just got cuter and cuter as ur belly got bigger :) It was so much fun following ur pregnancy through ur blog.