Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LOVE This Time Of Year!

Everything about this season just makes me happy :)
The decorating...

Family time...

The yummy food...

And just getting cozy in the cold weather...

Its even more exciting now that Lydia knows whats going on and is getting excited too. Last night, we were driving to my parents house and she wanted me to stop in front of EVERY house that haad lights up lol She just freaks out and says "Stop! Whites, Mommy!" haha And her new favorite word is Beautiful haha So we are already loving Christmas time with this girl :)

Well, i had a drs appointment a couple weeks ago (im down to every 2 week appointments! weird huh?!) and had to get an ultrasound to make sure my placenta previa was gone. Luckly it is! Hopefully no c-section for me lol They also said that the baby would probably look really skinny still cause in the next couple weeks, she should gain the baby weight. BUT when she looked at her on the ultrasound, she was shocked to see that we have a little chunk on our hands haha She has the biggest cheeks i've seen. Her height was measuring normal BUT her weight (which is supposed to be measuring about 2 lbs right now) was measuring over 3! When i was born, i weighed almost 11 lbs! My poor mom (AND she did it all natural!). This is what karma is all about... Please be nice to me, baby Brie...haha

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice?

I tried to win this amazing prize last year (and obviously didn't lol) and I'm determined to win it again this year! All my Christmas shopping will be done! haha Check it out for a chance to win!


It's pretty amazing :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Bright Side

It's been really hard for me lately to think of the bright side of things. I've been so stressed with things. Between house payments, Contractions with this pregnancy, work, and TONS of other things on my irrational pregnant mind, i can barely get any sleep at night. I also freak myself out thinking that this pregnancy will end with an awful labor experience like last time. And not only that, our new Dr only delivers at 1 hospital. And that hospital happens to be an hour away. I freak out that we wont make it.
Well last night, Max and i were just sitting and talking about things we r a little worried about. Then we realized, we r just thinking of things that MIGHT go wrong or things that we just don't have any control over. Money's tight, yes, but we are making it. There are SO many things we have to be thankful for. As far as house payments, we HAVE a house. Not only that, its an amazing house. And as far as the pregnancy goes, in February, we are gonna have another sweet little girl to add to our family :) Sure there are tons of things that can go wrong with the pregnancy and the labor but, those are out of my control. I just think of my friends who have had a hard time getting pregnant or the friends of mine who have lost their babies. It breaks my heart to think of those situations. So it makes me think 'what really am i worried about?' That i might go through some pain to get this girl into the world? That is ridiculous. I admit, the pain i went through delivering Lydia was the most pain i've ever felt. But it was the most amazing experience of my entire life. So much so, that im doing it again lol
There's just so much to be greatful for that i cant just dwell on things that are overwhelming me. I have an awesome little family. A husband that cares for me more than anyone. i know he would do anything for me. He's been putting up with my morning sickness, aches, pains, emotional break downs, and times where im just so irrational haha i also have a little girl that amazes me everyday. She's so smart and its so fun to see the world thru her curious eyes :)
I'm going to be more positive and just enjoy the now instead of worrying about the unknown :) Bring on my favorite holidays!