Monday, January 31, 2011

A few things i forgot

The past few months have flown by! i totally forgot to post some pics that I've had on my camera. Since this blog is kinda like my journal, i cant forget to post things i want to remember and show my kids someday :)
i have one of the best callings :) i teach the 10-12 year old girls at church. i love it. it reminds me of when i was there age and what things were important to me then. i get to teach the girls on Sunday and every 1st and 3rd Tuesday. and to make it even better, i team teach with my cousin (in-law lol) Ema :) We really balance each other out and i feel that we've gotten a lot closer by having this calling together. AND we get to play with and teach the young girls right before they head off to young women. The Tuesday before Christmas, we all went to the Mesa temple to go look at the Christmas lights and we all had so much fun. it was rainy but that didn't put a damper on anything. if anything, it made it that much more fun :)

It was also a lot of fun to have Max and Lydia there. Its really important to me to bring my family to the temple lights every year. mainly cause that kinda where max and i met. We met while setting up the Mesa temple lights in 2007. That was in October. We started dating right after that and by the time they had the lights up for display, i already knew i was gonna marry him :) we actually walked around the looking at the light, talking about where we wanted to take some of our wedding pictures hehe And by that June, we were married :) So we try to make a point to go there every year.

Max and i also have a tradition that we started our first Christmas together where we buy our own ornaments at Michael's and paint them ourselves. I loooove this tradition and i hope its something our kids look forward to when Christmas comes around. We had Lydia do it for the first time and she had a blast haha Very messy but a lot of fun :)
As you can see, she even tried eating the paint lol yummy...

Merry (Late) Christmas Everyone!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just a few days left...

I started cycle 3 of the diet yesterday. With the second cycle, i didn't lose 2 much cause its supposed to confuse your body. i only lost 2 lbs for cycle 2. but that's 17 lbs altogether and i think 17 lbs in a month is pretty much amazing :) I'm probably not going to lose very much (if any) weight this cycle cause i have a lot more different things to choose from to eat. But I'm eating SO much better than i used to. i haven't had fast food in awhile and honestly, when i think about it, it kinda makes me sick thinking about eating it. Don't get me wrong, when my family brings home the fast food, i want it..BAD lol but, i know if i did get it, i wouldn't be able to stomach 2 much of it lol
As for everything else going on around here, we are doing pretty good :) We are looking to buy a house hopefully this summer. we cant wait! Lydia needs a permanent room haha She's a little busy body these days. Shes almost walking but not quite there yet. She says grandpa, mama, yum yum (for food), clap (and claps as she shouts 'clap' haha) she calls Max 'mmmah'. we don't know why. shes been doing it since she was 2 1/2 months old lol She also knows how to say a couple of the kids names that i babysit. We love her so much and she's such an awesome personality in our family :) I cant believe shes turning 1 in 2 months! that really flew by huh?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cycle 1...Done!

That's right! I'm done with the first 17 days of the diet! Altogether, in just 17 days i've lost 15 lbs! Almost 1 lb a day lol It was VERY hard but sooo worth it. Now i'm starting cycle 2 tomorrow. With each cycle, they introduce more foods in your diet so it confuses your body. So with this next cyle, i get shushi! yay! (And some other things i've been craving lol) And with this cycle, im going to be working out a lot. So hopefully the pounds just keep coming off :) If anyone wants to know more or just have any questions about it, (and dont want to buy the book without knowing more) just lemme know :) More updates soon!