Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Tiny Baby Girl :)

When i was 18 weeks, i went and had my first ultrasound and we wanted to find out if it was a boy or a girl. but, the baby didnt work with us and didnt show us her "stuff" lol The dr said that she got a slight look and she was 85% sure it was a girl. We were so disappointed not to know for sure.
So today, Max and i went and had a 4D ultrasound. We also brought my neice Leah cause she has been OBSESSED with this baby since she found out that i was pregnant :) She said that she wanted it to be a girl (mainly cause we would name her Lydia and she said thats a lot like her name haha) but that if it was a boy, she would be happy lol So we found out for sure that she's a girl! It was really cool seeing her in 4D and feeling her kick and being able to see her do it at the same time :) She was so cute! She was SO SHY tho! She had her back to the camera almost the entire time and was coverig her face with her hands most of the time. but (after a lot of me rolling over to my side, drinking juice, and doing a little jumping around) we got a few glimpses of her face :)
Her tiny hand in front of her face...

We already love her SO much! We cant wait for her to join our family. Max is so excited to have a little daddy's girl :) and i just know that she will have him wrapped around her little finger. Max is totally fine with that :)