Friday, January 8, 2010


Some people were asking for an update so here it is lol Nothing really new to report. Lydia is a little over 2 lbs now. I had a drs appointment on Monday and my dr said that by the way she was measuring and how big my belly is she would guess that i would be having this baby in the next month or so lol I told her that big babies just run in my family (i was alomost 11 lbs when i was born!) so she said that she would guess that Lydia is gonna be pretty big (its called karma for what i put my mom thru lol) But she said that everythings looking great. She had to use the doppler thing to find the heartbeat (like every appointment) but the baby kept kicking it away from my stomach haha She is SO active. I try to sleep but she wont have it. I can just lay on my bed on my back and you can just see my stomach moving like crazy! its a very surreal feeling. The other night, Max and i were laughing so hard cause we would barely put a finger on my belly and she would kick at it hehe I can tell that we already have a handful on our hands.
So i've been feeling so overwhelmed with thinking about getting everything ready for the baby to come. But my awesome family has pitched in so much! we really dont even really need to buy anything except for food fo her lol My parent's neighbor even gave us boxes and boxes of totally cute baby clothes :) it was so much fun going through them and knowing that our little girl will be wearing them someday :) My mom has been helping out a lot also. in March we are actually going to be moving in with my parents so we can save for a down payment for a house in Maricopa. Its gonna be really sad leaving our apartment but we are gonna need a house for our growing family :) and with my brother gone on his mission now, my parents have a huge empty house so my mom is even setting up a nursery for us :) we wont be there long but we ar so grateful for the fact that they are doing this for us. and without downstairs neighbors, we will be able to get the baby on a regular sleeping schedule when shes big enough :)
Everything's coming together. Now we are just waiting for our little Lydia :)