Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weird Thought...

A year ago tonight, i found out i was pregnant :) i remember taking a pregnancy test for about the 13th time in a 2 month span lol) and fianlly saw a super faint line! I came outta the bathroom and just smiled at Max hehe He asked me what was going on and i showed him the test. He was so excited but the line was so faint that he didnt want to get his hopes up lol I told him that there was no such thing as a false positive on a pregnancy test. I even looked it up online and it said exactly that. So i texted my best friend, Lindsay,and said "Hi, Aunt Lindsay :)" She wrote back "dose this mean what i think it means?!" haha It was so much fun finding out we were going to be parents :) We didnt want to tell family until we were outta the scary danger zone with the baby lol
We had NO IDEA at that time how much we would love that little baby! i even had a few scares while i was pregnant and cried everytime cause i couldnt stand to lose the little baby growing inside me that i didnt even really know yet. My best friend got a lot of calls and texts from me (some late at night, sorry!) just to ask if something was normal in a pregnancy lol Its so strange cause the moment that little baby was born, the moment we saw her, we both loved her more than anything in the world. Max and i have talked about the moment she came out, our whole lives had shifted. of coarse we loved her while she was in my belly, but you just cant explain that moment you first see your baby. its magic :) we're just having so much fun raising such a sweet girl.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My 4 Month Old...

Welp, Lyddie is 4 months old! She has gotten so big just in the past month! We also...(ready for this?!)...have her sleeping through the night! She's actually been sleeping trough the night for about 3 weeks now. It wasnt very hard at all. She pretty much went along with anything we did :) She gets tired around 6:30 or 7 and so we put her to bed after giving her a bath and feeding her. then she sleeps til 5:30 or sometimes 6am! Its so much nicer being able to get our sleep lol She only cries for about 5 minutes when we put her to bed and then shes out. i was really nervous to start doing it so i got a video baby monitor (which i highly recommend and i got it for super cheap on ebay) and it helps give me that peice of mind that she's ok. We were going to wait until she was 4 months to train her but she was doing so good at getting up just once at night, we slowly cut out that time at night :) She wakes up SO happy and she's happy most the day now!

She talks all the time now :) Whenever she's with her dad, she talks up a storm! its so funny! Its like she's telling him about her day :) i managed to get it on video the other night which is very hard to do cause she dosn't do anything with the camera out lol but i hid it pretty well so she had no idea :)