Monday, April 23, 2012

What's been going on

*Photo Overload Ahead*

It's been awhile since I've posted it's just been pretty crazy over here at the Rieck house. Max has been working like crazy. He's a pool guy so especially since its getting hotter here, he has to work overtime getting pools ready for people to swim AND cause its getting so hot, its been making his job a lot harder (poor guy!)
Daycare's going pretty well for me. I thought it would be really hard adding a new baby to the mix but its not any different actually. She has been a pretty tough baby but shes getting a lot better now that's shes sleeping through the night (and I'm feeling a lot more sane lol). We had her blessing at my parents house on March 11th and it went really well. It was nice having family and friends there.
She was so cute in her little white dress hehe

My girls ready for easter egg hunting

Lydia turned 2 and is letting all of us know haha

I love my beautiful girl :) She is definitely 'miss attitude'. We had Lindsay do our family pictures on Saturday and she let her inner diva out the whole time. we were begging her to say cheese so, what did she do? She said cheese without smiling... little goober :) But we ended up getting some pretty good shots...

I love my girls :)

of coarse we had some break downs...

Sisters :)

Yes, i get to kiss those chubby cheeks everyday hehe

I love my little family. Things have been tough lately but i wouldnt change anything. I have 2 adorable, healthy, and extreamly smart girls and a husband that is such a good daddy and takes extremely good care of all us girls :) (and i think he's kinda cute ;))