Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lindsay Loo Is Preggo! :D

On Mother's Day, my best friend announced that her and Trent were expecting :) She told me about it a few weeks ago but she didnt want anyone to know until Mother's Day. She was gonna have her brother Tyler (who is on a mission) tell everyone over the phone lol It's been really hard not telling anyone about it but it was SO worth the wait :) She actually videotaped Tyler telling them and i got to see the video yesterday. It was perfect :)
I'm so excited for the both of them! Lindsay and i have been talking about this since we met and we always talked about how exciting this time would be. Lindsay is my bestest friend in the whole world and she is going to make the BEST mom :) I have no doubt that this baby will grow up in the best home with the best family. And to have grandparents like Keith and Lora, this baby will be so loved and super spoiled hehe I'm so excited! I love you tons, Loo :)