Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 29

Someone you miss.

I've been thinking about this person a lot lately.

My Grandma Fackrell

My grandma and i were really close. The first thing that I'd do when I'd get to her house was, run into her room to hug her and say hi. She loved family get togethers. Every Sunday, we would go to her house and play games til our bedtimes. I loved going to Disneyland with her and going on the Autopia with her and having her freak out cause i was a crazy driver :)
I was nervous about getting baptized and she would tell me what to expect with the whole thing and made me feel not so nervous. She passed away a few months before i got baptized but, i definitely felt her there. I felt her there in the sealing room when i got married. I felt her in the room when i had Lydia. i KNOW she has been up there with all the grand-kids and great grand-kids getting them ready to come here :) a few people that have known her have told me about having a dream about her up in heaven playing with a bunch of kids :) i feel that she specially hand-delivered Lydia here to me. And i KNOW she taking care of my other kids :)
We all love and miss her SO much.

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