Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just a few days left...

I started cycle 3 of the diet yesterday. With the second cycle, i didn't lose 2 much cause its supposed to confuse your body. i only lost 2 lbs for cycle 2. but that's 17 lbs altogether and i think 17 lbs in a month is pretty much amazing :) I'm probably not going to lose very much (if any) weight this cycle cause i have a lot more different things to choose from to eat. But I'm eating SO much better than i used to. i haven't had fast food in awhile and honestly, when i think about it, it kinda makes me sick thinking about eating it. Don't get me wrong, when my family brings home the fast food, i want it..BAD lol but, i know if i did get it, i wouldn't be able to stomach 2 much of it lol
As for everything else going on around here, we are doing pretty good :) We are looking to buy a house hopefully this summer. we cant wait! Lydia needs a permanent room haha She's a little busy body these days. Shes almost walking but not quite there yet. She says grandpa, mama, yum yum (for food), clap (and claps as she shouts 'clap' haha) she calls Max 'mmmah'. we don't know why. shes been doing it since she was 2 1/2 months old lol She also knows how to say a couple of the kids names that i babysit. We love her so much and she's such an awesome personality in our family :) I cant believe shes turning 1 in 2 months! that really flew by huh?

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