Thursday, August 13, 2009

Girls Vegas Weekend!

Okay, so i should have posted this a couple weeks ago but i've been a little busy lol
Well, for my mom's 50th, we had been planning on suprising her with a trip to Vegas for months! So the day that we were leaving, we told her to go pack cause we were leaving in a few hours hehe

When we got to the airport in Vegas, ALL her 9 sisters were sitting on some chairs by the baggage claim :) my mom had no idea they were going to be there so she didnt even notice them sitting there lol It wasnt until we were standing right in front of them, that she even noticed all of them :) The first thing she said to them was, "Are you guys staying?" lol

The weekend was amazing :) We hung out by the pool, went to the movies to see 'the proposal', took some fun pictures, played games, and many other fun things.

It was a great weekend with the girls :)

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Rebecca said...

looks like soooo much fun! Happy b-day to your mom!