Saturday, February 25, 2012

Keep it comin'!

So i gained 40 lbs with this pregnancy :/ which isn't as bad as the 50 i gained with Lydia. Also with Lydia, i lost 20 lbs in the hospital right away but, months after she was born, i was at the SAME weight for the rest of the year pretty much. it took a lot of work to get any weight off at all. Well, I'm so happy to say, i only have 10 more lbs to lose with this pregnancy! I was really worried cause i thought i would've lost a TON in the hospital (especially when my water broke and GALLONS came out) but after i got home from the hospital, i weighed myself and lost....absolutely nothing. nothing at all. What the heck? you would think i would've lost how much the baby weighs right? well anyway, i got really swollen so i knew that when the water weight came off, i would probably lose a lot. So i started weight watchers and have already lost 30 lbs since she was born 3 weeks ago :) I'm a happy camper right now. I definitely wont be anywhere close to my goal weight even after i lose the 10 lbs but, its a good start :)


Katherine said...

Way to go! Don't beo hard on yourself. Are you going to do the 17 Day Diet again?

Heidi Rieck said...

no way lol it was super hard and it made me 2 cranky. AND i gained it back pretty quickly. i think that diet would only b good if u needed to lose weight quickly for a certain occation