Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bring on Baby :)

Well, I'm just gonna say it...hospitals are SO boring lol I was having some bleeding and major contractions. I was also feeling a lot of pressure down there. So i called my Dr and they said to go into the hospital right away. Our hospital is an hour away so we dropped everything and heading right over there.
They had us in triage for awhile and then the nurse came back with an apologetic look on her face. She said "well you just earned urself a night in the hospital". They wanted to monitor me and make sure that all the bleeding would stop. We ended up having Lydia sleep at Alicia's house and Alicia and my mom watched my babysitting kids for me the next day. It was a looong night in the hospital. They had a fetal monitor on me and another monitor on my belly to track my contractions. The major problem was that the baby didn't like either monitor on me so she would kick it off every 15 minutes. Every time i would get comfortable and try to sleep, the nurses would come in and have to find the heartbeat again (which would take about 15 min) so needless to say, i didn't get any sleep. But i was so glad i was there cause i started to have more bleeding. Because of that, they made me stay there another night :( All in all tho, everything looked awesome when i was discharged. They said the baby was fine and they also gave me a couple steroid shots so her lungs will develop faster in the chance that she comes out soon. Now it's just a lot of bed rest for me lol
I had an ultrasound while i was there and it was pretty awesome :) They did a close up on her face and she started yawning :) It was the cutest thing seeing her nose all scrunched up when she did. It made the fact that i was having a baby SO real. The Dr said that we have to be prepared for a baby any day. Thanks everyone for ur thoughts and prayers! i know for a fact they helped us with all this :)


Trent & Lindz said...

This pregnancy has been so crazy! As long as little Brie comes out healthy and happy that's ALL that matters! If she does need a hospital stay at least you know she's in the BEST hospital in AZ. So excited to finally meet her :)

Anonymous said...

pregnancy! it's so exciting!
this makes me want a baby!!!