Friday, September 2, 2011

"Rella" Obsessed

Lydia and i have been watching a lot of Disney movies lately. I loooove that she's finally watching more than Yo Gabba Gabba haha Lydia's favorite right now is Cinderella (one that i LOVED growing up). So of coarse, she thinks she's Cinderella :) She tries to sing the songs all high pitch like her and everything hehe Well, when it came down to seeing who I was in the movie...theres no mom except for the evil step-mother. So, im one of the girl mice haha
After watching Cinderella tons and TONS of times, i turned on Aladdin. She was jazmine. Wheres the mommy? Then the next movie The Little Mermaid, No mom. It just seemed to happen with every movie we turned on (pocahontas, beauty and the beast, pinoccio, and so on). THEN, we turned on one that had a mom, Sleeping Beauty :) BUT she was in it for a few minutes cause she didnt even get to raise her baby girl :( Then came Tangled, SAME THING the mom got gyped lol Who's mommy supposed to be? lol The last straw was finding Nemo cause i just wasnt thinking haha

Do you guys know that moms arent really needed? you can still have a happy ending without them lol I'm not mad cause i looove disney movies :) Just something i thought was interesting. Besides there still are the VERY few like Dumbo, The rescuers down under, Mulan, Peter Pan, and Toy Story that DO have moms lol

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Mandy Coffey said...

lol i never realized that!!!!!