Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3 Years!

It seems like much longer than 3 years lol

Max and i just got back yesterday from staying over the weekend at the resort that we stayed at for our Honeymoon :) It was so nice and super relaxing. Just what we needed. It went by 2 fast! haha We actually turned into THOSE parents...the ones that talk about their kid a lot when they are on vacation haha We would even be walking around a store and say, "Lydia would Looove that" haha And it seemed like, when we were driving home, we couldnt get there fast enough to see her lol Max was driving and when we would hit a light or someone would drive slow in front of us, he would say, "Come on! I just wanna see my girl! haha I love how much he loves our little girl :)

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