Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun Trip and A Wedding :)

This past week has been a lot of fun! We left last Saturday to go to California. We went with the whole family to Disneyland that following Monday. We all had a blast. We thought that Lydia wouldn't really know whats going on and not have that much fun but, from the moment we walked down mainstreet, she just started freaking out lol she loooved it!

The first ride we went on was small world. She just couldn't stop looking around at eveything. I would try to get her attention to take a picture but she couldn't even take a moment to look at me lol

My sister Alicia's kids were so much fun! Maddie thought she was so big just walking through the lines by herself.

The next day, me and Lyddie went out to lunch with Rebecca Marshall and her boys. I've never met her boys so it was awesome meeting those cute little cuties :) They were both so sweet. Alex was being so nice to Lydia. He kept making sure that she had food and toys hehe And it was so cute listening to him trying to pronounce her name :)

Cali was so much fun :) We got to see old friends, see the pier, and have some great family time :)

The Friday after we got home, it was Ali and Cody's wedding day! She looked gorgeous and they both just looked so happy. The reception was amazing! They had a photobooth, a yogurt machine, and some awesome music playing :) We had a blast and we are so happy to have Cody in our family! Congrats you guys!

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Katherine said...

I miss going every week to Disneyland. What a fun trip! And Ali's wedding sounded fun too!