Monday, June 7, 2010

2 Years!

It seems like i JUST posted about our 1 year anniversary lol It also seems like this has been a long year cause its been all about trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, and then finally having our sweet baby girl :) We have had another awesome year and have been SO blessed. I couldn't ask for more in life. i have an amazing husband that i love more and more everyday. I'm always thinking 'how did i get SO lucky???'. Last year we decided that for our anniversary every year, we will go and stay at the hotel we stayed at for our honeymoon. We did that this past weekend and it was awesome :) We got to just spend time together and enjoy our time together (not to mention getting sleep lol) My mom watched Lydia while we were there and that was so helpful. It was hard to leave her but we definitely enjoyed ourselves. I cant believe its been 2 years! I love my husband and love the little family we have so far :)

Lydia had her first shots today cause she turned 2 months yesterday. It was SO sad :( She was acting so happy before they gave her the shots which made it even worse knowing that they had to poke a happy girl :( But she was a trooper and only cried for a few seconds. And she has been my happy girl the rest of the day :)


And now, she's just zonked out on my lap :) I cant get enough of this girl.

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Trent and Lindz said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun and got some time away. It was a well needed break I'm sure! Happy Anniversary :) You guys are so cute!